Tiger JK Celebrates Upcoming Album Release with Yoon Mi Rae

Korea’s hip hop royalty returns to the scene as Tiger JK celebrates his upcoming album release with his dear wife, Yoon Mi Rae.

Less than 24 hours before his comeback with a new album “The Cure,” Yoon Mi Rae posted a picture with the husband and a cake decorated with their label “Feel Ghood Music.” She wrote on her Twitter, “Good times~ we got this Feel Ghood Music cake as a present. Thank you. I love you! You already know, right?”

The couple looks super cute together, both wearing their respective hoods. Tiger JK still wears his iconic mustache while Yoon Mi Rae looks glamorous with her intense curls.

Netizens have responded: “The two look so good together,” “I wanted to see Jordan too,” “Yoon Mi Rae is so cute,” “Yoon Mi Rae doesn’t look like a mommy,” and “Tiger JK is so cool.”

tiger jk yoon mi rae