Kangta’s Ex-Girlfriend Once Gave Him a Mission During a Radio Broadcast

Former H.O.T member Kangta shared an anecdote about how a girlfriend got him in trouble with a radio show’s producer.

On an episode of “Radio Star” Kangta appeared as a guest along with MBLAQ‘s G.O. During the show G.O. revealed that idols do date each other and sometimes give each other missions to complete during a music show performance. Kangta agreed with G.O. and shared a story of how his former girlfriend once gave him a mission during a radio show. 

“Her mission was a little strange. She told me to end my sentences with ‘shong’ five times during a radio broadcast,” he shared. “I wanted to do it but if someone misheard me it would sound like I’m cursing…I ended up doing it four times. After the third time the producer became mad. My girlfriend got mad because I missed out one.”

Could this girlfriend be the one he revealed was currently a rookie celebrity