MBLAQ’s G.O Spills that Mir Was Jealous of Another Idol

MBLAQ’s G.O reveals that member Mir was jealous of an idol from another boy group.

On September 11, he appeared on MBC’s variety talk show “Radio Star” for the “I Live With That Person” special episode along with Jo Sumi, JK Kim Dong Wook, and Kangta.

MC Kim Gu Ra asked, “Was Mir jealous of Park Hyung Shik after he left the program ‘Real Men’?” G.O answered, “He was jealous at first. However, he started to have fun watching the show as time went on. Park Hyung Shik is just a fun guy.”

MC Yoon Jong Shin commented, “It’s because of Mir that Park Hyung Shik is doing well. MBC has to thank Mir for that” and left the studio with laughter.

Mir was one of the original members for variety program “Real Men.” However, he had to leave and Park Hyung Shik was invited to fill his spot. Park Hyung Shik is currently being loved by the public for his “baby soldier” character.