JYP Artists Take a Group Photo with the Boss

JYP artists show that they’re super tight as a family as they gather to take a picture together.

Jun.K posted the photo on his Twitter with description, “With the JYP family gathered around in the morning.” We see the big boss Park Jin Young taking a picture with his young proteges, Jun.K in the front, Wooyoung, three of miss A‘s members, 15&, and Sun Mi. The atmosphere looks pretty harmonious, everyone looking happy and smiling next to the boss. 

Netizens commented: “Let’s go JYP family! Everyone looks good,” “Is this a celebration for JYP’s new album? The artists there are all great,” “They look good. I’m so envious of JYP family!” 

Park Jin Young just released a heartwarming music video called “Had Enough Parties” reflecting upon his shining career as a music producer and an artist.

jyp family