Lee Joon Looks Fierce in Upcoming Film “Rough Play”

Lee Joon looks fierce and conflicted in his new role in an upcoming psychological thriller “Rough Play.”

The recently released teaser video featured Lee Joon playing a character who seemingly goes through psychological turmoil in his acting career. It shows him transforming into different images of himself: angry, miserable, and even conceited. At the end of the clip, we hear Lee Joon’s voice whispering, “I want to go back.”

Even from the short clip, Lee Joon’s acting was commended as exceptionally well executed. His acting has been described “Janus-like,” referring to a Roman god with two faces looking at both the past and the future.

This will mark Lee Joon’s third project in film after his thrilling debut in “Ninja Assassin.” “Rough Play” is set to premiere in October.

Check out the teaser clip below!