[Exclusive] NU’EST Wishes Soompiers a Happy Chuseok

Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, which falls on September 19, is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Korea. This year, the holiday will be observed in Korea from September 18 to 20. Urban electro band NU’EST has prepared a special Chuseok greeting for Soompiers! Check out the video:

NU’EST: Showtime NU’EST time, how are you, we are NU’EST!

JR: Hello everyone at Soompi, how have you been? We are doing great and hope the same for you. Hope you have a good day on Chuseok. Please continue to show us your love. Thank you!


NU’EST is currently promoting their latest album “Sleep Talking” and set to hold their first ever European fan meeting event in Barcelona, Spain on November 1.