“Passionate Love” Raises the Heat for Premiere with Seohyun’s Kiss Scene Stills

We’ve seen the kiss scene before through the trailer, but the production team of the upcoming drama “Passionate Love” thought it should torture fans some more with a still image of the kiss scene between Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and actor Lee Won Geun.

In the drama, Seohyun plays Han Yoo Rim, a college student taking veterinary medicine. Lee Won Geun plays the high school student version of Kang Mu Yeol, the male lead character (played in later years by Sung Hoon.) He has got the looks and money, but he also has the scars and pain that any male lead of a K-drama would have.

seohyun lee won geun passionate love kiss

seohyun stills lee won geun

“Passionate Love” is about the love story of a man and woman from tragically crossed families. It premieres on SBS on September 28 after “Wonderful Mama” completes its run.