Will “Master’s Sun” Be Extended Two Episodes?

Confusing reports have been coming up about the possibility of the hit SBS drama “Master’s Sun” being extended two episodes.

Having just aired episode 12 and originally slated for 16 episodes, there is a week gap between the end of “Master’ Sun” and SBS’ next Wednesday- Thursday drama “The Heirs.” The last day for “Master’s Sun” is Thursday, September 26, and the first day for “The Heirs” is Wednesday, October 9.

The speculation on whether “Master’s Sun” will be extended seems to have arisen due to fans not wanting “Master’s Sun” to end and the production team being vague with their answer. Various reports say that the extension has not been confirmed, and others say there hasn’t even been talks for an extension.

For now, it seems there will be no extension as a short two-episode drama has been always been planned to air for that interim week between “Master’s Sun” and “The Heirs.”

What do you think guys? Do you think an extension would be good or bad for the drama? If you haven’t yet, check out recapper extraordinaire Softy’s coverage of episode 12 by clicking here or our “Recaps” tab above the article title.

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