Actress Han Chae Young in Talks to Join SM C&C

SM Entertainment‘s subsidiary SM C&C might be seeing its family of entertainers and actors grow.

Actress Han Chae Young is currently in talks to sign with SM C&C, and if finalized, will be joining Kang Ho Dong, Kim Ha Neul, Jang Dong Geun, Shin Dong Yup, Han Ji Min, and more in the fast-growing company.

In August, her six-year contract with BH Entertainment ended, and out of various offers, Han Chae Young seems to have chosen SM C&C as her new home, with the final details being worked out between the two sides.

Until the ink is dried however, BH Entertainment is and will be taking care of Han Chae Young due to their good relationship. It’s good to know that both Han Chae Young and BH Entertainment know how to take care of each other.