[Breaking] Park Jin Young (JYP) Announces His Upcoming Marriage!

JYP/Park Jin Young/ J.Y. Park announced today through his Twitter that he will be marrying in October!

In short, he wrote that he wanted to let his fans know first and that is why he chose to deliver the news through Twitter. His fiancé is the woman that was his muse for his song “You’re the One.” The track is from his 2012 mini album. She is a non-celebrity who is nine years younger than JYP. 

JYP explains that they both fell for each on first sight, but due to her desire to live a normal life, there were some hardships along the way for the couple. He continues, “But after some time and a lot of discussion, we earned each other’s trust, and she accepted my proposal. We will be marrying next month on the 10th.”

JYP expresses his desire to help his fiancé live a normal life. “I am a celebrity that needs to keep living life communicating with everyone, but I want to help her live normally like now. (Please help, reporters~ *bows* ^^).” Therefore, the wedding will be undisclosed as a small gathering of families. 

JYP concludes his message with “I am truly grateful to everyone who gives me strength. As promised, let’s grow old together.”

JYP Entertainment has confirmed that JYP is getting married and only let the staff know recently too. 

This will be JYP’s second marriage after divorcing his first wife in 2009.

Congratulations JYP!!!