IU Sets Comeback Date and Releases Teaser Images for Third Album “Modern Times”

Rejoice IU fans!

Today, IU’s agency, Loen Entertainment, released teaser images for the artist’supcoming third studio album titled “Modern Times.” It said, “IU will release her third album ‘Modern Times’ on October 7 and officially start her activities as a singer. Beforehand, we are revealing a unique illustrated guide map that contains hints about the album and IU’s teaser images.”

In the teaser images, IU takes on a more mature and edgier look than her previous album concepts, raising the curiosity for how this change will be reflected in her music.

IU modern times teaser image 2

The illustrated “guide map” is reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s era in Europe. Readers, any ideas on what this hints towards to?

IU modern times teaser image 3

Jo Young Chul produced IU’s album and took around nine months to complete. It will contain a range of genres, including jazz, bossa nova, swing, Latin pop, and even folk. Can’t wait for October 7!