Actor Song Seung Hun is Devilishly Handsome and Talks Marriage in “High Cut” Photo Shoot

 Actor Song Seung Hun appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the September issue of style magazine “High Cut.” Song Seung Hun shows off his devilishly handsome looks and makes fans swoon with his pretty face in the magazine. 

In the photo shoot, Song Seung Hun is seen styled in various fall looks. In one photograph, Song Seung Hun walks across a field in a plaid suit carrying a leather bag and umbrella. In another photograph, Song Seung Hun enjoys his coffee with the morning paper in a black blazer and casual shirt. 

In the interview, Song Seung Hun touched upon the subject of marriage. The actor said that his parents had asked him when he was going to get married, and even his friend, actor Jung Woo Sung, had asked him. Song Seung Hun said, “Actually, I exercise with Jung Woo Sung, and he said, ‘Lee Byung Hun has gotten married, so you should go too.’” Song Seung Hun responded, “Do I really have to go get married? There are still a lot of people that we know that are not married yet. But, even though talk of marriage still sounds like someone else’s business, actually, after saying this, tomorrow, I could meet the love of my life.”

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