“Master’s Sun” Episode 13 Postponed One Day for Chuseok Holiday

Some bad news for those anxiously waiting for the next episode of the currently airing SBS drama “Master’s Sun.”

Episode 13, originally slated to air on Wednesday, September 18 (KST) will be postposed one day and air instead on September 19. The last episode (episode 16) of ‘Master’s Sun” will therefore air on October 2 instead of September 26.

In addition, the celebrity entertainment news program “One Night of TV Entertainment,”which airs right before “Master’s Sun” will also be cancelled on September 18. SBS had filled these time slots with a movie, per Chuseok traditional TV programming. The movie to air will be the blockbuster hit “The Thieves.”

The Heirs” will air as planned starting on October 9 after “Master’s Sun” completes in run.

Oh dear, an extra day wait to find out the answer to that cliffhanger of all cliffhangers!