Haha, Byul And Dream Head Out For Brunch

It seems like only yesterday when Haha and Byul gave birth to their son, Ha Dream. Now the little kid is big enough to be going on little outings if a recent post by Byul is anything to go by.


On September 18, Byul posted the following picture on her Twitter account along with the message. “The family of three going out for brunch.” In the photo we can see a casually dressed Byul staring into the pram along with a photo of Haha pushing the pram. It also seems like the couple is wearing a similar pair of short jeans, which is nice to see.

Running Man’s Kim Joo Hyung PD was quick to reply, saying “Wow, Dream can already go outside..?!” with Byul replying that they just went to a “Restaurant that is in their apartment’s shopping arcade.” Kim Joo Hyung PD appears to know of the place, remarking that “Oh I go there occasionally as well, I’m going to have to snoop around next time I visit..hehe” with Byul happily welcoming his visit saying “Come over, come on come on!!! hehe.”

about_01The complex in question

Just as a bit of extra trivia, did you know that comedian and fellow Infinity Challenge colleague Jung Hyung Don and his family also live in the same apartment complex in Hapjeongdong as Haha and his family? The apartment complex is called the “Mecenatpolis complex.” That area also happens to be the home of popular boy group Infinite with Haha once remarking that Hyung Don spends more time with them rather than Haha. Supposedly Big Bang’s housing is also in this complex as well along with comedian Shin Bong Sun. Just some minor trivia.