CL and Sandara Park are Rocker Cool in New York

2NE1‘s fashionista CL and beauty star Sandara Park draw on the inspiration of rock fashion at the heart of New York.

Sandara recently posted a picture of the two on Twitter casually lounging about in the steps of a New York residence. “Every day is a photoshoot. In New York with CL.”

They’re spotted wearing monochrome outfits, contrasting black outerwear with white details. CL has switched her glamorous blond waves to jet black hair, signaling an appropriate end to a summer concept. Her eye make up also looks heavier underneath the shield of her hand. Next to CL, Sandara wears an oversized black coat with an adorable hat and black-and-white oxfords.

Netizens responded: “Sandara and CL already became official New Yorkers,” “I can’t believe the two have seven years of age difference in between,” and “They’re so cute.”

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