IU Releases First MV Teaser and Tracklist for “Modern Times”

IU has released the first music video teaser for her long-anticipated return with the upcoming third studio album “Modern Times” and track “Between the Lips.”

Her first set of teaser images previewed a more mature and edgier look for this new album, and the video teaser reflects the same transformation, with IU giving off sensual and dreamy vibes. “Between the Lips” also promises to be a jazzy and seductive track with lyrics that describe a woman who has opened her eyes to love for the first time. 

“Modern Times” will contain 13 tracks in total and boasts features from Ga In, SHINee‘s Jonghyun, Yang Hee Eun, Choi Baek Ho, and Park Joo Won. The album also contains two self-composed songs by IU: “Voice Mail” and “A Day I Hate.” The album drops October 7. 

IU modern times tracklist