Super Junior’s Ace Kim Heechul to Return to Variety World

Kim Heechul fans, rejoice! Super Junior’s witty visual will soon make a grand comeback into the variety world.

On September 23, several entertainment industry insiders echoed, “Kim Hee Chul will join JTBC’s ‘Ssulzun.’ He already filmed his first episode today.”

Kim Heechul will join the second corner of the show titled “Entertainment Judge.” It’s also been confirmed that he’s not replacing any of the original fixed members of the show. The show’s format takes on the panel format where the members cover and go over various topics regarding the entertainment industry and give their commentaries and hold debates on key issues.

Many fans are itching to see his chemistry with Kim Gu Ra again, the latter who is known for his blunt and sometimes harsh words. The two were a great combination during Kim Heechul’s days as an MC for MBC’s variety talk show “Radio Star.”

Kim Heechul was discharged on August 30 and has since appeared on teammate Shindong’s radio program “Shim Shim Tapa.” He is currently practicing and preparing for Super Junior’s concert tour and new album.