John Park to Sing at BFF Huh Gak’s Wedding

John Park will be singing a celebratory song at Huh Gak’s upcoming wedding on October 3.

The wedding will take place at social venue The Raum, which is located in the ritzy area of Gangnam-gu.

The two are known for their close friendship. They first met in 2010 when they participated in the second season of “Superstar K.” Huh Gak brought home the crown that season while John Park was the runner up. After the end of the show, the two made rounds on the media circuit together and showed off their friendship and that the audition battle was left behind them.

Huh Gak’s fiance is a yoga instructor and they have been dating for the past two years. His agency revealed that she is his first love when he was in junior high. They crossed paths again last year and started dating afterwards. Other musicians who participated in the second season of the audition program will also attend the wedding.

huh gak inside