Huh Gak Reveals His Lovely Fiance in Engagement Photos

Soon-to-be groom Huh Gak shared his engagement photos and revealed his lovely fiance. 

On September 26, his agency released several of Huh Gak’s engagement photos. Like most Korean engagement photos, Huh Gak and his fiance wear different wedding outfits and pose lovingly together in romantic backgrounds. The photos show Huh Gak’s fiance’s lovely side profile and slender body. 

The couple will have their wedding ceremony on October 3. The wedding will be officiated by the pastor of the church they both attend. The MC of the wedding will be MC Ding Dong, and fellow singer (and best friend) John Park and his twin brother Huh Gong will sing the congratulatory songs.

After his wedding, Huh Gak will hold his first solo concert in November.