Piggy Dolls Release Music Video for “Butterflies”

Piggy Dolls made a come back with a music video for new single “Butterflies.” The song marks the group’s second release this month, with “Ordinary Girl” headlining their comeback.

As the group that broke K-pop conventions and popular attitude toward celebrity weight, the “upgraded” Piggy Dolls come back with new members and a shift in concept. Their agency promises to offer not only a “visual upgrade,” but also what it calls generous helpings of different flavors you’ll find in a girl group

While showcasing the new members’ solid vocal talent, the music video clearly targets a younger audience. The lyrics suggest “melting in love” and “going crazy” over feelings they’ve had for the first time. The girls are also seen going on a camping trip at the beach, prancing around carefree and shooting fireworks into the night skies.

Check out the new Piggy Dolls’ music video below!