Goo Hara Poses With a Lollipop

Kara‘s doll-eyed Hara poses with a lollipop.

Hara posted a picture of herself on Instagram enjoying a red lollipop. “Candy,” she described. She wears a navy blue hoodie, having tucked in her golden blond locks. Pale and flawless, Hara wows her fans with minimal amount of make-up. She looks nonchalant as she gazes into the camera.

Netizens have responded: “Definitely pretty,” “So lovable,” “Somewhat sexy,” and “I want to eat that candy too.”

The girls have made news throughout their comeback as the girls opened up more about their private lives. Hara has an incident of bursting into tears when touching on the subject of dating during their guest feature in “Radio Star.” It was also recently revealed that she and the rest of the Kara girls have upgraded their diet from cheap sushi rolls to hot beef stews.

They are now wrapping up promotional activities for “Damaged Lady.”

goo hada