Kwanghee Admits He Really Liked Sunhwa During “We Got Married”

It may be scripted, it may be a little contrived, but are the feelings entirely false? It wasn’t for ZE:A‘s Kwanghee while he was filming the virtual reality variety show “We Got Married.”

Kwanghee made a guest appearance on the KBS real variety show “Human Condition” on September 28. Kwanghee and the regular cast members of “Human Condition” sat down for dinner and talked about various things. In particular, the cast was really curious about the K-Pop world and asked Kwanghee if he truly liked his partner Sunhwa of Secret on “We Got Married” on which they had to pretend they were a married couple.

Kwanghee answered without any hesitation “Yes, I liked her.” Yang Sang Guk then asked, “You don’t like her anymore?” Kwanghee replied, “Well, I don’t see her that often anymore.”

Kwanghee was then asked, “Are you dating her now?” Kwanghee, his mouth full of food, waved his hand no.

Jung Tae Ho, another regular cast member of “Human Condition,” started to tease Kwanghee, saying, “He’s dating someone else.” Kwanghee denied it:”I’m not dating anyone.”

Kim Jun Ho asked, “Then who are the closest with?” Kwanghee answered, “Uee.” Jung Tae Ho grabbed onto to that to tease Kwanghee again. “So you’re dating Uee?” Kwanghee once again denied it and said hilariously, “She won’t meet me.”