30-Years Younger Reporter Girlfriend Claims Actor Baek Yoon Shik Cheated and His Sons Assaulted Her

Actor Baek Yoon Shik (1947), from “Tree with Deep Roots” and “Physiognomy,” recently made headlines on September 13 when he was found to be dating a reporter who is 30 years younger. They started dating last year in June. 

It has been a noisy weekend again full of news with Baek Yoon Shik as one story- that Baek Yoon Shik was involved with another woman for over 20 years- after another-that Baek Yoon Shik’s sons assaulted the reporter girlfriend- exploded in the news media.

On September 29, the reporter girlfriend revealed to Sports Seoul that she received a call from the longtime lover after news that she and Baek Yoon Shik were dating broke out. The  longtime lover claimed that she has been betrayed by Baek Yoon Shik with the news that he is dating someone else.

The reporter told Sports Seoul that Baek Yoon Shik claimed that other woman was just someone he met 20 years ago, and they were not together now. But she and the woman exchanged messages that told a different story.

With news of this revelation barely taking off, the reporter once again spoke to Sports Seoul, claiming that her boyfriend’s two sons, Baek Do Bin and Baek Soo Bin, assaulted her. Baek Do Bin is also an actor and married to actress Jung Si Ah. He is one year younger than his father’s girlfriend. Baek Soo Bin is seven years younger.

The reporter claims that she went over to Baek Yoon Shik’s house on September 24 with Baek Yoon Shik to talk things over with his sons and daughter-in-law. However, the actor’s family did not want her inside the house, and after some words were thrown around, the two sons grabbed her arms and tried to push her out of the house. In the ensuing physical confrontation, the reporter’s arms were badly bruised. You can see pictures here.

The reporter has stated that she has broken up with Baek Yoon Shik.

Previously, the reporter said she would attend a press conference being held on September 27 but later changed her mind. There are currently no plans for another press conference.

This story reads like a soap opera.

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