Lee Kwang Soo Tells On Kim Jong Gook to His Dad in the Latest Episode of “Running Man”

Entertainer and actor Lee Kwang Soo was recently surprised by his father’s unexpected appearance on the latest episode of “Running Man“!

At the location for the first mission, the members of “Running Man” had to meet up at a factory complex. Lee Kwang Soo looked particularly confused, thinking this was some kind of prank on him because the location was where his father worked. The members, thinking that Lee Kwang Soo’s father had something to do with the mission, started searching frantically for him.

The moment Lee Kwang Soo saw his father, he made sure to introduce one particular member of “Running Man” saying, “This is [Kim Jong Gook], the one who always bothers me” causing everyone to laugh. 

The members commented that Lee Kwang Soo looked nothing like his father, saying his father was handsome, implying Lee Kwang Soo is not. What do you think, guys? Do they look alike?

kwangsoo and dad running man cap