Song Ji Eun Clings onto “False Hope” with New Album and MV

Song Ji Eun of Secret has finally unveiled the music video of her new solo album “False Hope.” She has already performed this song on music shows, but after teasing with a short clip of the music video previously, fans have been looking forward to the full version.

“False Hope” is an R&B ballad with an acoustic and string sound. The music video highlights the pain and darkness of the false hope a lover can give.

Song Ji Eun also held a showcase early in the morning today. She revealed during the showcase that she sings the song thinking about the boy she harbored a one-side love toward during high school.

“False Hope” is out today. Along with title track “False Hope,” other songs on the album are “Vintage” featuring B.A.P‘s Zelo and “Date Mate” in which she participated in composing the song and writing the lyrics.