SHINee’s Minho and Oh Yeon Seo Share a Meal in “Medical Top Team”

“Medical Top Team” ramps up on the excitement as it nears its premiere with a new set of stills featuring SHINee‘s Minho and Oh Yeon Seo. In the recently released photos, the two actors are shown in character as doctors who are sharing a picnic on the hospital rooftop. The scene is said to be part of the Oct. 10 episode. 

According to a report, Oh Yeon Seo’s character Choi Ah Jin went shopping for ingredients and put an effort to prepare lunch. Choi Ah Jin is a thoracic surgeon who has been in the field for only two years. SHINee’s Minho plays a third year thoracic surgery resident, Kim Seung Woo. Their characters are expected to bring liveliness to the drama with their bickering.

A representative from the drama said, “Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won and Joo Ji Hoon lead the weight of the drama. On the other hand, Minho and Oh Yeon Seo provide a bit of fun.”

“Medical Top Team” airs its first episode on MBC on October 9. 

Minho and Oh Yeon Seo in Medical Top Team