SHINee’s Onew Surprises Fans with Piercings in “Everybody” Teaser Images

SHINee continues to remain fearless, showcasing new styles and concepts with every album. The teaser images for SHINee’s upcoming fifth mini album, “Everybody,” hints at an edgier transformation for the group, with member Onew captured with piercings on his nose in one picture and on his lips on another. They’re probably not real, but it still looks interesting.

onew everybody image 2

Previously, Taemin’s teaser images were unveiled, which lead to loud exclamations of “Taeman!”

The title track of the album will be “Everybody,” and is described as having a funky rhythm and catchy melody. It is of the complextro genre, and the lyrics will about the awakening of everyone’s inner child. 

“Everybody” drops October 14, and their first stage will take place October 10 on “M!Countdown.”