IU Is Tired of Love Games in Teaser Clip for “Love of B” Track

IU has unleashed yet another teaser, and this time it’s for track “Love of B.” Previously, she released teasers for “Between the Lips,” “Walk with Me, Girl,” “Everybody Has Secrets,” and “Modern Times.” 

“Love of B” is composed by Park Joo Won, a gypsy jazz guitarist, with lyrics written by IU. The track itself also features Park Joo Won, lending his guitar skills to the gypsy jazz song. He is another addition to the already impressive featured list of artists, like Ga In, Yang Hee Eun, and Choi Baek Ho. The lyrics are about the tension between two lovers who are playing the love game, and the music video shows IU venting her frustration. 

The album “Modern Times” drops October 7.