Lim Kim is Lovable at the Set of Her CF Filming

Lim Kim recently shows off her hidden cute and lovable charms.

On October 1, MYSTIC89 updated the singer’s official Facebook with a few photos of her taken at a CF filming site. She has recently joined other celebrities like Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, Gary and more to become a model for mobile shopping service “Brinicle”.

In the photos, she winks at the camera like it’s no one else’s business and cutely points her index fingers in the shape of a gun at the same direction. Although she’s just twenty years old, she has shown a mature image to the public with her debut mini album “All Right” focusing on showcasing her unique vocals. She is currently promoting her second mini album “Her Voice” and has recently dropped by Soompi HQ for an interview.

Meanwhile, she is lined up to perform at the showcase for international music convention MU:CON 2013,  as well as share the stage with new age pianist Steve Barakatt at Joy Ol Park Festival 2013.

lim kim inside