Bombshells G.NA and Clara Are Too Hot Together

The two gorgeous glamazons G.NA and Clara are way “2HOT” together.

Clara posted a picture of the two on her Twitter, describing the shot as simply, “G.NA & Clara.” The ladies smile innocently toward the camera, both looking flawless.

Considering how they are most iconic figures of sexy of today, it’s hard to believe how two forces have joined to make this picture possible. But fans can easily detect similarities in these two lovely ladies. Each has rightfully claimed her spot in the celebrity scene through a rare combination of talent and a stunning body. Clara is especially proving herself to be the industry’s blue chip, landing an MC spot, various magazine spreads, and a social awareness campaign, despite occasional hiccups in not telling the truth on screen.

Netizens responded: “They both look really pretty,” “They are way too pretty,” “This is daebak,” and “Both their faces and bodies look amazing.” clara