SHINee’s Key Stuns with His Charisma in “Everybody” Teaser Images

You can always count on Key to draw you in with his charisma.

SMTOWN has unveiled teaser images for SHINee member Key for the group’s upcoming fifth mini album “Everybody.” Like Onew and Taemin‘s set before him, there are two pictures: a color one of Key in a military style jacket and another black and white where Key goes for more of an avant-garde style. In the color picture, Key also sports a unique nose accessory similar to Onew’s that may (or may not) become the newest “it” item of the season.

shinee key everybody image 2

Yesterday it was revealed that the title track of the album will be “Everybody,” and is described as having a funky rhythm and catchy melody. It is of the complextro genre, and the lyrics will about the awakening of everyone’s inner child. 

“Everybody” drops October 14, and their first stage will take place October 10 on “M!Countdown.”