Jung Joon Young Releases Dramatic S-Version of “Spotless Mind” MV

The strange but charismatic rocker Jung Joon Young officially debuted yesterday with the release of track “Spotless Mind,” which comes before his first mini album. 

The music video for “Spotless Mind” was also released yesterday, but it was only one version of two. It was named as the “N version” or “north polar” version. The “S version” of “south polar” music video is out today. This version has more of a storyline and a white color tone theme in contrast to the N version. 

“Spotless Mind” is a track that highlights Jung Joon Young’s emotional voice with a rock sound. The name of the track was inspired by the American movie “Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind,” and the lyrics turn the sad emotions of a breakup into an unrealistic situation.