IU Wants You to “Wait” Just a Bit Longer for Her “Modern Times” Album with Teaser Clip and Image

It’s D-5, and IU has unleashed another preview clip for a track off her upcoming album “Modern Times.” After releasing preview clips for “Between the Lips,” “Walk with Me, Girl,” “Everybody Has Secrets,” “Modern Times,” and “Love of B,” this time it is for track “Wait.”

Like “Love of B,” the lyrics for “Wait” are written by IU. The song is composed by TEXU. The teaser clip shows IU frightened, yet angry running through a dark and dimly lit corridor. 

The teaser photo continues to emphasize IU’s new mature image, showing the singer wearing a see-through white lace top with a white vest carefully placed over it. 

IU wait image

The album “Modern Times” drops October 7.