Lee Si Un From “Answer Me 1997” Fame Admits He Has a Girlfriend

Actor Lee Si Un revealed that he is seeing someone special.

On the October 2 episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star,” Lee Si Un appeared as a guest and mentioned that he has been dating his girlfriend for two weeks.

According to his confession, they got to know each other through the introduction of actor Kim Sung Oh and decided to go deeper in their relationship the first day they met.

MC Kim Gu Ra made fun of Lee Si Un playfully, “You guys might break up by the day when this episode will be aired.”

Later Lee Si Un gave his girlfriend a video message, saying, “We have been seeing each other for 22 days and will be always together, forever.” But soon, he added a correction and made viewers laugh by saying, “I’m just joking now. Don’t take it seriously. I don’t go clubbing.”

lee shi yeon