Lee Jong Suk Was Friendly and Bit Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s Arm Between Filming Takes

Lee Jong Suk has an interesting way of showing his affections.

On October 2, SBS’s “Midnight TV” interviewed the main cast of movie “No Breathing.” The cast shared a couple examples of how Lee Jong Suk is the mood maker on the movie set.

Actor Park Chul Min said about Lee Jong Suk, “He smacked my butt as a way of greeting before.” Lee Jong Suk replied, “Since his bottom is very firm (I wanted to smack it once),” which created laughter on the set.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri inserted, “Maybe it’s because he was embarrassed, but Lee Jong Suk bit my arm after making a mistake during filming.” Lee Jong Suk explained, “That’s my way of being friendly.”

“No Breathing” will begin airing in theaters in late October.

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