Actor Kim Min Joon Clears Up Rumors of Having Had a Fistfight With Hyun Bin

On the MBC program “I Live Alone” that recently aired on October 4, actor Kim Min Joon cleared up the rumors of him and actor Hyun Bin having had a fistfight.

Defconn first cautiously told Kim Min Joon that he had heard of a rumor saying the actor had fought with a fellow actor, to which Kim Min Joon responded, “I haven’t seen Hyun Bin ever since he entered the military and the rumor came out right then. After an article about that issue got released, I called Hyun Bin to talk about it, and he told me that he had never heard of it as well. ”

Kim Min Joon continued and laughed, “Do I really look like someone who would punch a person who had just trained in the hard-core navy?”

On this week’s “I Live Alone,” Defconn leaves for the city of Incheon on his bike in search of in-season food of autumn.