T.O.P Wins Rookie Award at the “Asia Star Awards” for the 2013 BIFF

Congratulations, T.O.P!

The idol and movie star won the rookie award at the “Asia Star Awards” on October 5, held as part of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The “Asia Star Awards” is described as the official party of the BIFF. He was the only Korean actor who won an award at this ceremony, which gave away awards in four categories. T.O.P debuted as a bona fide film actor in 2010 through “71: Into the Fire” and will return to the big screen after three years with “The Commitment.”

T.O.P. also attended the BIFF to promote his newest movie, “The Commitment” (also known as “The Alumni“). “The Commitment” is a movie about a young North Korean boy who is forced to become a spy in South Korea to protect his one and only sister. T.O.P, who goes by his real name as an actor, or Choi Seung Hyun, plays the main character who goes under cover as a high school student. The movie also stars Han Yae Ri, Yoon Jae Moon, Jo Sung Ha, and Kim Yoo Jung as his precious younger sister.

”The Commitment” premieres on November 6.