Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin for “The Heirs”: “I Wish I Can Afford that Motorcycle” Edition

When we get so many promotional stills for the upcoming SBS drama “The Heirs,” it’s fun to just joke around with the captions.

It seemed like it was weeks away but “The Heirs” is finally airing this week starting October 9. Before it starts, though, why not just more promotions, or so thinks SBS.

This time we have two sets of stills: one of heroine Park Shin Hye and another of second male lead Kim Woo Bin. In Park Shin Hye’s stills, the images show her in the role of Cha Eun Sang, who has to work multiple and various part-time jobs due to her family’s poverty. She has jobs at a pizza store, cafe, and as a dishwasher. In Kim Woo Bin’s set, he is shown as Choi Young Do, heir to a resort, and thus has lots of money to spend on a nice motorcycle.

Do these two meet by coincidence at the motorcycle shop? The stills hint at that fateful meeting.

park shin hye the heirs

Kim woo bin the heirs