DSP Media Responds to Nicole's Desire to Remain as KARA:

KARA‘s Nicole finally broke her silence yesterday with a message to her fans via her personal Twitter account in which she stated her intentions to continue as KARA even if her contract with DSP Media is not renewed, and now DSP Media is responding.

Yesterday, Nicole wrote on her tweet, expressing her surprise at DSP Media’s initial press release that she will not renew her contract, ” I was also surprised and taken aback when I read articles speculating about getting replaced in the group due to the failure to renew my contract while preparing to go on tour in Japan with the rest of the KARA members. However, I still wanted to make my feelings and thoughts on the matter known so I decided to write this letter.”  

It seemed Nicole was hoping to somehow remain part of KARA while still being signed with another agency (the way Shinhwa members are individually signed with different agenices but still are able to perform as Shinhwa together). She wrote, “The most important thing is that…I started out as a KARA member and I plan on finishing up as a KARA member. It was confusing and difficult reading articles speculating about getting replaced in KARA due to the failure to renew my contract with my agency along with published interviews given by agency representatives. I consider a contract renewal with DSP not as solely as part of KARA, but as a solo artist. Although I’m not signed on as a solo artist, I think a solution can be found so that I can still be a member of KARA while pursuing solo activities.”

Nicole concluded her message to her fans, “However, if the rest of you and the parties involved in this matter believe that it would be impossible to be part of both, I will return to being Nicole Jung, the individual. Without renewing my contract with my agency, I will promise to continue being a part of KARA. I love KARA right now and always will; I am always happy while performing as a part of KARA…”

DSP Media is now commenting on Nicole’s tweet, stating to various news agencies that Nicole’s action of posting the message and its contents were not discussed with the agency beforehand. A source from DSP Media told Enews24, “Nicole’s message suprised both the agency and the rest of the members of KARA. She personally wrote the message and did not discuss it with us.”

The source continued, “We’ve never discussed before what Nicole is insisting upon, with her signing on both as a member of KARA and individually. All we got from Nicole’s side was ‘I won’t be renewing my contract.’ We don’t know why she announced things that she never discussed with the agency. Regarding that point, it seems we will have to have future discussions.”

Connecting the dots, it seems Nicole told DSP Media she was not renewing her contract, expecting the agency to offer renegotiations, but DSP Media, in light of KARA’s previous disbandment scare, decided to take the hardline against Nicole and just release a press release to the public stating that Nicole was not renewing her contract. It remains to be seen exactly what happened and is happening between the two parties, but for now, perhaps, the dialogue for renegotiation has been opened. 

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