Songstress Park Ji Yoon Returns with Teaser for Part One of a Year-long Project, “Mr.”

Songstress Park Ji Yoon is ready to return to the K-Pop scene with a new single titled “Mr.” To tease fans, she has released a short but mysterious clip that shows her transformation from a sweet and pure looking woman to a sexy, surly, and charismatic diva.

“Mr.” is Park Ji Yoon’s first album after moving to her new agency Mystic89, which is also home to Lim Kim. “Mr.” is part of a year-long project through which Park Ji Yoon will release a new song every season between autumn 2013 and summer 2014. 

The teaser was directed by the multi-talented Baek Jong Yeol, who directs commercials and music videos, as well as working as an art director. He joins Park Ji Yoon through the year with her project.

Netizens who saw the teaser commented, “I’m looking forward to Park Ji Yoon’s comeback,” “She’s finally back!” and “I’m looking forward to October 21.”

The single album “Mr.” drops October 21.