Suzy: “I Watched Shim Eun Ha’s Movies to Study Facial Expressions”

Suzy, Seol Kyung Gu, and film director Lee Yong Joo respectively reminisced about “Christmas in August.”

The movie “Christmas in August,” directed by Heo Jin Ho, is a masterpiece that has been recommended by viewers as well as celebrities, and is once again receiving attention before its re-release.

“Christmas in August” is a movie depicting an unforgettable love story between a terminally ill photographer Jung Won (played by Han Seok Kyu), who lives with his father, and a parking attendant Da Rim (Shim Eun Ha), full of life and who one day suddenly appears in front of him. The film is believed to be the greatest representative melodramatic film of the Korean film industry.

Korea’s first love, Suzy, revealed, “I watched ’Christmas in August’ while preparing for ‘Introduction to Architecture.’ I watched it very carefully, not just one time, but a few times. I copied the female lead’s facial expressions, hoping to learn something from her.” “Christmas in August” was Suzy’s chosen movie in helping her prepare for filming “Introduction to Architecture.”

Character actor Seol Kyung Gu expressed, “I watched the movie with great fondness and even at home, scenes from the movie kept coming to mind. It was a movie that you kind of quietly fell into.” He added that “Christmas in August” left a lingering impression on him.

Last year, director Lee Yong Joo captured the hearts of 4 million viewers with “Introduction to Architecture.” He revealed, “Before I became a movie director, I thought to myself that it would be really great if I could make just one movie like this.” Director Park Jin Pyo (“You Are My Sunshine” and “Voice of a Murderer”) revealed his deep affection for the movie, stating that, “Even if I watched this movie 20 times, I would watch it again. It’s a movie that I watch when I feel like crying, and whenever I watch it, I end up crying.”

Starring Han Seok Kyu and Shim Eun Ha, “Christmas in August” is set to be re-released in theaters after 15 years, on November 7.


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