Girl’s Day Member Minah Thanks Fans for Providing Lunch While Filming Her Newest Movie

Girl’s Day member Minah recently thanked fans for providing a delicious and healthy lunch while filming her latest movie “You Can Borrow My Father.” 

On October 10, she shared photos of the adorably packaged lunch with the message, “It was so delicious, I really enjoyed it! Thank you. I love you. To our fans~ *kiss kiss*”

In the photos she’s shared, Minah holds up the lunch fans have packaged lovingly with a message. The lunchbox appears to contain sandwiches and pieces of fruit. 

Netizens commented, “Aw, Minah looks so adorable when she winks,” “I’m really looking forward to watching her movie!” and “Aw, she’s so sweet for thanking fans for her lunch.” 

Minah is currently busy filming a movie with actors Kim Sang Kyung and Moon Jung Hee in “You Can Borrow My Father.”