2NE1’s CL And Sandara Park Have Some Fun Before Japanese Fan Meeting

2NE1 members CL and Sandara Park recently posted goofy photos of the two having some fun before their fan meeting. 

On October 14, Sandara Park tweeted along with the following photos, “She’s sad because of her watch and excited for the fan meeting. This child is just strange. While eating an orange slice, she’s looking for figs. She has lost a watch that had great sentimental value. It seems her sanity has left the house for a bit. But she’s still cute! Now, off to our second fan meeting!”

Netizens commented, “CL and Sandara Park are so cute!”, “CL and Sandara Park’s funny photos are different than everyone else’s,” and “CL and Sandara Park look adorable when they joke around.”

Meanwhile, all the members of 2NE1 had the opportunity to meet their fans in Osaka, Japan on October 14.