Monday Kiz Releases Romantic Music Video for “You” and Announces Member Lee Jin Sung’s Upcoming Marriage

Vocal group Monday Kiz released the music video for “You” through the official KT Music YouTube channel.

“You” is an emotional love ballad is the main track off their fifth album, “Unfinished.” The song was composed by group’s leader Lee Jin Sung who had his own loved one in mind when writing the song. It has been awhile since the group has released a full album, with their previous one “ru:t;” being released in 2010. “Unfinished” stays true to Monday Kiz’s style with R&B and mid-tempo ballads. One of their tracks, “Night of the First Snowfall” is a rock song co-composed by Lee Jin Sung and features rapper Paloalto. The music video shows a couple who has a sweet and intimate romance.

It was also announced that Lee Jin Sung will marry his long-time girlfriend on November 23.