Ha Yeon Soo and Yeo Jin Goo Share a Kiss Scene in “Potato Star”

Actors Ha Yeon Soo and Yeo Jin Goo were caught sharing a kiss scene for “Potato Star 2013QR3.”

On the eighth episode of the tvN sitcom drama, the characters sit toward the city lights atop a hill under the turbulent night skies. A giant asteroid named “2013QR3” is heading towards Earth and everyone’s days are numbered until the collision decimates everything on the planet. Yeo Jin Goo comforts frightened Ha Yeon Soo in an intense but cozy moment, leading to a romantic kiss.

The show has also run into obstacles earlier as Ha Yeon Soo sprained her ankle during filming. Broadcast time was adjusted to accommodate her healing process.

The episode containing the adorable kiss scene aired on October 15. 

potato star

potato star