SHINee’s Minho Lends a Shoulder to Oh Yeon Seo

SHINee‘s Minho becomes a perfect gentleman for Oh Yeon Seo in the MBC drama, “Medical Top Team.”

The new surgery room romance has cast the two stars as close classmate and colleague working in the thoracic department in the same hospital. At first they are seen constantly arguing over minute details, but their friendship eventually grows into something a little more.

The released stills reveal Minho’s character Kim Sung Woo suddenly finding himself with a sleepy and exhausted Oh Yeon Seo, acting as Choi Ah Jin, on his shoulder. The first picture shows him completely flustered, but by the last picture Minho smiles contentedly to himself as her head is more snugly tucked in.

You can catch this heartwarming episode on October 16.

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