Sandara Park Writes a Warm Message to Fan Suffering From Cancer

On October 16, Sandara Park of 2NE1 posted a note on her Twitter account. It is a message to her fan who is suffering from cancer.

The message began with, “Hi Loreign!!! This is Dara! I’m really glad to know that I have such a great fan like u.”

The message continued with words of encouragement. “I know you are having [a] hard time right now but please be strong and stay positive! I really hope that you will get well enough to come to our next show when we are there [Puerto Rico], which I would personally invite you to!” sending her fan words of hope.

Sandara concluded the message by writing, “You are in my prayers and I will be thinking of you every time I go on stage or stand in front of a camera. Always know that I, Dara, will be rooting for you in your tough fight. Best wishes and lots of love, Dara.” 

Prior to Sandara’s message, friends of Loreign sent her a message on October 15.

They told Sandara of Loreign’s story, “She is our sister, Loreign from Puerto Rico. Loreign…is an avid VIP and Blackjack. Her particular biases are yourself and member Taeyang from Big Bang.” The letter asked Sandara to reply to their letter and to “give [Loreign] the boost she needs to pull through this critical stage.”

According to the friends’ letter, Loreign “has been suffering since the beginning of the year with lung problems which eventually was revealed to be a precursor cancer that has now spread to most of her body.” Her doctor told her she had about four to six months left to live. However, she was fighting against her sickness through chemotherapy and target treatments.

Loreign was recently hospitalized again for pneumonia, and thus her cancer spread to her stomach.  The doctors said they do not know if she will last until the end of the week, and the only family she has looking after her is her twin brother.

After hearing about the story, netizens commented, “Sandara Park is so nice and warm-hearted,” “I hope Loreign will recover from her sickness since Sandara sent her a message,” “It would be great if Sandara Park and Loreign could meet each other.”   


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