Jung In Comes Back With Her “Autumn Man”

Solo artist Jung In has revealed her new song fit for the season called “Autumn Man” as well as the accompanying music video!

After seven months of absence from the scene, the singer released her fourth mini album titled “Autumn Woman” on October 17. The album consists of five songs, of which the artist herself has composed four, and participated in writing the lyrics of one.

What caught the public’s interest is the fact that Jung In’s boyfriend of 11 years, Cho Jung Chi, plays the male role in the video. The song itself tells the story of a woman, who starts feeling lonely when fall arrives, and begins to offer all of her love to her boyfriend. According to Jung In, even the lyrics were inspired by her current relationship. Her unique voice fits the blues feel of the song perfectly, and she even challenged herself by adding a rap break to the song.

Jung In will soon be starting the promotions of her newly released album.

Take a look at the music video below!