John Park Is a Beyoncé Look-A-Like?

Singer John Park evoked lots of laughter as Beyoncé‘s look-a-like.

On October 16, broadcaster Jeon Hyun Moo, actor Jung Kyung Ho, and singer John Park appeared as guests on MBC‘s “Radio Star.”

The MCs revealed a set of photos that displyed a progression of John Park transforming into Beyoncé claiming, “John Park and Beyoncé are the same person.”

In the photos, John Park’s image changes with more and more make-up added to his face and as the gap between his teeth becomes wider showing a 100% sync with Beyoncé’s face.

The MCs expressed their surprise with the remark, “You just need more make-up, and you would look exactly like her.” MC Kim Gura brightened up the mood by asking, “If you look like Beyoncé, can you do the ‘Single Ladies‘ dance too?”

John Park hesitated but responded, “I can’t do it well, but…,” and walked over to the front of the set. He danced to “Single Ladies” with his flexible pelvic movements and his lasting facial expressions. The photos set by Kim Gura in the background added more laughter.

After observing John Park’s dance to “Single Ladies,” Kim Gura praised him by commenting, “Why are you so good?”

John Park also aroused laughter on set when he declared, “I like nengmyun (cold buckwheat noodles) more than girls,” and “I like the Pyeongyang style nengmyun best. I don’t add vinegar or mustard,” as he let everyone know his nengmyun preferences.

John Park on Radio Star


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