Kang Dong Won Is a Bad Boy in Tokyo for

Kang Dong Won posed for the latest edition of “High Cut” magazine, radiating his good looks for all of his fans.

With a “bad boy” concept, the 32-year-old actor perfectly executed the photo shoot with his model-esque body and handsome features.

The shoot took place in various locations of Tokyo, Japan. As a model for Adidas, Kang Dong Won sported some of the latest items from the brand.

In the interview that followed, Kang Dong Won shared stories from his latest film, “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” as well as his co-star Ha Jung Woo and his feelings on returning to the industry.

“Kundo” takes place in the Joseon era under King Cheoljong’s reign in 1859. Kang Dong Won plays the villainous role of Jo Yoon, who is cruel and merciless to the poor.

Kang Dong Won admitted that he had a hard time re-adjusting after discharging from the military last year. He said, “My stage presence definitely decreased. Before, 80 percent of what I rehearsed would come out on the actual set but now, not even 50 percent comes out,” and “It took me a long time to build up that stage presence again.”

He also talked about his character Jo Yoon by saying, “It is by far the hardest character I’ve ever done but also the most fun,” and “He’s a character who makes civilians starve to death but makes sure to eat well and live well himself. He doesn’t view people as humans but harms them very easily. He’s an evil guy.”

Kang Dong Won is known to have done several action films in the past and it is said that he did not use an action extra for this film as well. “I do about 90% of the action scenes,” he said.

Kang Dong Won also didn’t hold back on his praise for his co-star Ha Jung Woo. He also commented on Ha Jung Woo’s recent directorial debut. “Ha Jung Woo’s debut as a director is really amazing. I’m jealous and I respect him a lot for it. Actually, people have suggested that I try directing but I really don’t think I can do it. I’m not skilled enough and it seems way too hard,” he added.

Check out Kang Dong Won’s “bad boy” photos below, which will be featured in “High Cut”s 112th edition.

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